TCIL-IT Cuttack is going to observe 29th National Road Safety Week-2018 in association with Police Commissionarate (Traffic)

Right to life and safety is a fundamental right of every citizen. This is guaranteed under the constitutions of every country in the world including India. Anything, hazardous to human life and that violates the right to life needs extra care for mitigation. Needless to say, road safety is as much as on the agenda as any other area that may be accident-prone.

Number of lives lost due to road accidents is increasing year after year. A look at some of the statistics on road safety presents a very grim picture worldwide and especially in developing countries like India. Road fatalities now leads the list of accidental deaths in India much more than any other accidental deaths such as by drowning, fire, rail or air mishaps etc., etc.

In the context of road safety, one thing is pristine clear that although there is a phenomenal increase in population of vehicles yet there is no matching improvements in the road network and police force to control traffic.

In view of this, TCIL-IT Cuttack Centre, a member of the National Safety Council seeks your support in her endeavour to undertake a road safety campaign in the city of Cuttack and utilize the tools of research, advocacy and networking to generate awareness on road safety and to bring about policy changes to address some of the burning issues on road safety.

To quote from Federal Records, a book authored by Ralph Nader titled ‘Unsafe at any Speed’ led the Federal to introduce Law on Safety Measures for Automobile industry and for Road Construction industry.

Our project involves active participation of TCIL-IT staffs and her students, volunteers from other schools and colleges. TCIL-IT Staffs and safety students participates and helps in managing the campaigns, distributing leaflets and also explaining to the public about some of their experiences vis-à-vis road safety to the general public.

The Campaign would consist of “Road Junction Campaigns”. The main theme of road safety programme would be to instill the sense of ‘SADAK SURAKSHA – JEEVAN RAKSHA’ to the citizens of Cuttack. The tools adopt for the campaign are varied, ranging from `T’ Shirts and caps depicting message of road safety, pamphlets and booklets on various road safety issues,  banners and children’s rally with slogans on road safety.

The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has urged to observe, 29th National Road Safety Week – 2018” from 23rd April to 30th April and we being an institution engaged in teaching safety courses propose to hold the event jointly with the Traffic Police, Cuttack.

Most of the two wheeler riders do not wear helmet and on event of any accident may cause fatal. They need to be educated, emphasized the need to wear helmet.